Irrigation Systems

Hassle-free irrigation systems to save time & money

No matter what you use your garden or outdoor landscape for – entertainment, play, cultivation, relaxation or simply as an aesthetic feature to enhance your home or community – a lush, green garden can be difficult to achieve and maintain.

Good irrigation management is vital for plants to survive and thrive in South Australia’s harsh, dry conditions. With SA Irrigation’s smart irrigation systems you can achieve a low-maintenance garden that stays lush and green all-year round.

Imagine saving hours of time every week, no longer having to manually coordinate hoses and sprinklers to water your garden, all the while staying more in control of your water expenses… No more Summer water bill “blow-outs”.

Systems to suit every situation

SA Irrigation provides tailored irrigation systems to suit all environments, lifestyles/uses and budgets. These systems are usually drip irrigation systems, sub-surface drip irrigation systems (see more below) and sprinkler systems, rolled out on a small or large scale.

For customers who share our passion for sustainability, we can even install recycled water connections or rainwater connections that are more cost efficient and kinder to the environment.

We only use quality products from reputable manufacturers such as Toro, Rainbird, Netafim and Hunter.

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (SSDI)

SA Irrigation specialises in Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (SSDI). This involves the installation of a drip tube 10-20cm under the soil’s surface to release a controlled flow of water and nutrients to the root zone. SSDI has been very successful for growing beans, maize and cotton and has surged in popularity due to its water efficiency and low-maintenance and because it doesn’t require existing lawns to be removed.

We use a specialized machine, the Vermeer Vibrating Plow, which creates minimal disturbance to your existing lawn and installs the drip tube in a fraction of the time of traditional plowing methods!

Yes, irrigating your existing lawn IS possible…

Do you kick yourself for not investing in sub-surface drip irrigation before laying your lawn? With SA Irrigation, there’s no need for regrets. Our revolutionary sub-surface irrigation method allows us to install sub-surface irrigation, without removing your existing lawn.

To do this, we use a revolutionary Vermeer SP-15 Lawn Plow. Traditional methods of installation into existing lawns usually required the lawn to be removed, but the SP-15 allows us to install the tube at the required depth and spacing, depending on the soil type, with minimal disturbance.

This dynamic machine is narrow enough to fit through a traditional doorway to allow us access through the tightest of areas, but is powerful enough to cut the ground with high-frequency vibrations, resulting in a quick and smooth installation and little disturbance to your lawns.

Take the first step towards a lush, green garden all year round. Phone Andrew now on 0424 692 649, or submit the form above to request a free consultation & quote.