Backflow Prevention

Prevent backflow contamination with regular testing & care

All about backflow

Backflow arises when water containing potentially harmful pollutants flows backward into the drinking water supply system. This is a serious health hazard and under the national plumbing standard (AS/NZS 3500.1) SA Water requires Backflow Prevention Devices to be fitted to all properties.

Backflow Prevention Devices fall into three hazard categories – high, medium and low. High and medium hazard rated properties must have devices fitted that are testable, and the installation of the device and testing needs to be undertaken by a licensed plumber. Testing must be completed annually and a report and certificate of compliance sent to the Office of the Technical Regulator.

Regulations for sub-surface irrigation systems

Irrigation systems that use a chemical root inhibitor such as Treflan are classed as a high hazard rating and need extra requirements under the plumbing standard. Most importantly a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) device must be installed with containment protection within one meter of the drinking water meter.

Various technical aspects need to be taken into account with irrigation systems and plumbing requirements, so it is paramount that installation and maintenance be handled by a suitably licensed plumber with experience in irrigation-related backflow devices and testing.

Backflow services

SA Irrigation is fully accredited in Backflow Prevention Device Testing and installation. We hold all of the relevant plumbing licenses and routinely perform annual testing for customers. If you need a backflow device installed or regular testing scheduled, just let us know. We will start by assessing the hazard rating for your property and recommending the ideal backflow device for you.

If we install an irrigation system for you, we will meet all SA Water regulations as standard, ensuring your property is fully compliant and your irrigation system uncompromised.

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