What we do

Smart irrigation & landscaping solutions, “hand-picked” for harsh South Australian conditions

As the driest state in the driest continent in the world, South Australia is a unique environment to grow plants. Our climate is full of extremes – from icy Winter frosts to Summer heatwaves of 40 – 45C.

Because of these harsh conditions, the right combination of irrigation system and plant selection is essential to creating an aesthetically pleasing, easy care garden, enjoyable for generations to come.

Getting this combination right – in perfect balance with your needs or lifestyle – is the cornerstone of what we do. Nothing makes us happier than creating beautiful, functional outdoor landscapes that are equipped to thrive for decades to come.

In a nutshell…

SA Irrigation and Landscaping specialises in irrigating and overhauling gardens, yards and landscapes. We design and install all manner of systems from subsurface irrigation (for irrigating pre-existing lawns) and dripper and sprinkler systems for residential projects to large commercial systems for public works and civil projects across South Australia.

Our civil work can be seen all around Adelaide, including the North Terrace War Memorial on Kintore Avenue, the Dog Park in Park 5 of the North Adelaide Parklands, and the roundabout at the corner of Frome Road and War Memorial Drive in North Adelaide.

In addition to installing irrigation systems and landscaping, SA Irrigation and Landscaping also carries out testing and installation of Backflow Prevention Devices, as well as irrigation and landscaping maintenance, fault-finding and repairs.

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