Andrew Matthias

Adelaide’s “Green Thumb”

Andrew’s story

When it comes to gardens, Andrew Matthias is the proverbial “green thumb”. Andrew started his landscaping career almost 30 years ago, working for various Adelaide companies and producing some of South Australia’s most beautiful gardens.

It was during this time that he realised the importance of a well-planned irrigation system in creating a lush, thriving garden, particularly in South Australia.

Drawing on his extensive background in landscaping, horticulture and irrigation, coupled with his passion for creating stunning yet sustainable urban landscapes, Andrew established SA Irrigation and Landscaping in 2009. Since then, he hasn’t looked back, developing a vast portfolio of residential, commercial and civil works projects across South Australia.

Andrew Matthias & SA Irrigation Apprentice

Contributing to the landscaping industry

A passionate horticulturalist, Andrew is committed to the horticulture industry, and in particular, training and development for future generations. He teaches Certificate 3 in Irrigation for Maxima Training in his spare time, and employs apprentices undertaking this same course, within SA Irrigation.

Andrew is also an accredited Irrigation Auditor and holds specific Irrigation Plumbing Licenses, including Backflow Prevention Testing.

Andrew’s knowledge of irrigation systems and water saving techniques is second to none. A complete professional, he will transform your garden to a garden that is the envy of your street, with sustainable irrigation systems that will ensure it keeps on flourishing for years to come.

Need the “green thumb” treatment? Phone Andrew on 0424 692 649 or complete the form above for a free consultation & quote.